My 1966 BSA Bantam D7 Super Restoration



Fault Finding

Engine Stops Suddenly.

Fuel shortage in tank.

"Choked" fuel supply line or fuel tap, or restricted strainer in carburettor.

"Choked" main jet in carburettor, faulty float in carburettor float chamber.

"Fouled" sparking plug, or plug "oiled".

Engine siezed.

Engine Fails to Start, or is difficult to start.

Fuel shortage in tank.

Petrol taps not open.

Carburettor "tickler" not depressed.

Carburettor "strangler" not closed if starting from cold.

Insufficient "flooding" of carburettor if starting from cold.

Excessive flooding of fuel, i.e. fuel being allowed to enter the cylinder.

"Fouled" spark plug, or plug "oiled".

Carburettor malfunction.

Carburettor pilot jet blocked.

Contact points dirty, incorrect gap.  Timing not set correctly.

Flat battery.

Electrical problems with circuit wiring.

Ignition coil failed.

Engine Overheats.

Lack of proper lubrication, incorrect Petroil mix, riding for long periods without operating the throttle.

Engine Mis-fires.

Defective sparking plug or plug "oiled".

Incorrectly adjusted contact points, timing not set correctly.

HT cable problem or coil/spark plug connection poor.

Carburetter flooding.

Vent hole in fuel tank blocked.

Loss of Compression.

Engine oil seals defective.

Piston ring issues.

Arcing across contact points.

Faulty condenser.


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