My 1966 BSA Bantam D7 Super Restoration



Technical Reference

I have used the follwing information to assist with my restoration and if you would like copies please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will e-mail them to you (except items 27, 28 and 29).  All of the following is available on the web, not all of it relates to the D7 but I found it useful anyway.

  1. BSA Instruction manual
  2. Service sheet 412c Rear suspension
  3. Service sheet 501 Engine and gear box exploded view
  4. Service sheet 502 Petroil lubrication system
  5. Service sheet 503 Engine adjustments
  6. Service sheet 504 Engine dismantling for de-carbonising
  7. Service sheet 505 Removing engine gear unit
  8. Service sheet 506 Reassembly of the engine and gear box unit
  9. Service sheet 507 Primary transmission
  10. Service sheet 514 Plunger type rear suspension
  11. Service sheet 515 Dismantling and re-assembly of hubs and brakes
  12. Service sheet 516 Front forks and steering head
  13. Service sheet 708 Monobloc and separate chamber type carburettor
  14. Service sheet 708c Carburation D models
  15. Service sheet 710 Chain alterations and repairs
  16. Service sheet 805 Lead acid type battery
  17. Service sheet 8006 Lucas lighting
  18. Service sheet 807 Electric horn
  19. Service sheet 808b D models wiring diagrams
  20. Service sheet 808e D models wiring diagrams lighting
  21. Service sheet 811 Wipac lighting
  22. BSA Bantam dossier
  23. Amal Carburettor information
  24. D14/4 Frame and Fittings
  25. Wiring diagram
  26. Magneto Maintenance Wipac S55 Mk 8 
  27. BSA Spares list Bantam Super Model D7 Catalogue number 00-5079
  28. Haynes BSA Bantam Owners Workshop Manual
  29. The Book of the BSA Bantam by W. C. Haycraft

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